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At KenWalt Die Casting Company our committment to excellence, personal service and dedication to being a genuine partner with our customers in every aspect has resulted in honest, long term win-win relationships with integrity. We focus on your success, because your success is our success.

KenWalt Die Casting Company is committed to satisfying your requirements and specifications for product design, high quality and on-time delivery. We stand behind our commitment to excellence with a dedicated and experienced workforce skilled in utilizing the latest technological innovations. We provide personal service starting from a product's design stage to high quality finished products, cost effectively produced and delivered on-time:

  • Design Expertise – For all aspects of product design, 3D modeling analysis, gating designs, computerized metal flow analysis, die cast tooling designs, prototypes parts production, vacuum die casting, shot monitoring systems, sub-operations, metal finishing, assembly, packaging and on-time delivery.
  • Automation and Automated Processes – To produce precision cast parts, reduce operating costs, and provide our customers with lowest costs possible while maintaining the production of high integrity castings, we use a variety of automated die casting processes such as automatic ladling and spraying systems.
  • On-Time Delivery/Kan Ban Type Inventory – In order to deliver finished castings on-time to our customers when they need them, we offer in-house inventory and inventory management control. Generally a 3-month supply of castings can be maintained at our facility and shipped to our customers when they need them:

    - On-Time or Just-In-Time delivery to help minimize storage of inventory at your facility
    - Kan-Ban type inventory/stock management and control to expedite parts to you in an emergency
    - Inventory/Stock Management to expedite assembly, packaging and delivery of parts

ISO 9001 Certified Company
ISO 9001 Certified Company

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NADCA Corporate Member

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