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Your #1 source for Aluminum Castings and Zinc Castings. From simple to complex designed parts KenWalt Die Casting Company meets the needs of our customers. Both the aluminum die casting process and zinc die casting process provide unique solutions for your aluminum or zinc metal parts needs.

We specialize in manufacturing aluminum and zinc die cast parts. We also provide our customers with custom made Rapid Prototype parts when desired along with specialized die cast tooling designs, gating designs and 3D flow analysis, vacuum die casting, vibratory deburring, CNC machining, drilling and tapping, broaching, painting, powdercoating, a wide variety of plating including chrome plating, anodizing, alodining, E-coating, and assembly and packaging. We are a full-service provider to handle your manufacturing needs so you can focus on your business.

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Aluminum (Al, Alum, Aluminium) die castings are lightweight, high strength and easily machined and thus are used in a wide variety of industries from entrepreneur inventions, commercial, industrial, automotive, aerospace, lighting, sporting goods and military applications. Aluminum die cast alloy strength, rigidity, machinability and natural corrosive resistance offer many advantages.

There are many Aluminum alloys to choose from to attain the properties required for a product's intended end use design. The telecommunications and computer industries use aluminum die cast heat sinks, aluminum housings and other intricate parts that require heat resistance and heat dissipation properties.

Lightweigt aluminum castings also provide durability, rigidity and EMI shielding. The high pressure aluminum alloy die casting process is also ideal for electronic connectors, aerospace components, safety and military devices as well as a wide variety of commercial and industrial parts.


Aluminum Alloy Characteristics:

aluminum Lightweight

aluminium Excellent strength and hardness properties

aluminum casting Excellent close tolerance dimensional accuracy and stability

aluminum castings Thin walls and complex shapes

casting aluminum High thermal and electrical conductivity properties

aluminium casting Excellent EMI and RFI shielding properties

aluminium castings Very good machinability

aluminum die casting Good metal finish characteristics

aluminium die casting Good corrosion resistance

aluminum die casting process 100% Recyclable and 0% Waste




  • Aluminum Die Casting Alloys
  • Aluminum A360
  • Aluminum A383
  • Aluminum A384
  • Aluminum A390
  • Aluminum A413 (A13)
  • Aluminum A518
  • Zinc Die Casting Alloys
  • Zinc #3
  • Zinc #5
  • Zinc #7
  • Zinc Aluminum Die Casting Alloys
  • Zinc Aluminum ZA8
  • Zinc Aluminum ZA12
  • Zinc Aluminum ZA27


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ISO 9001 Certified Company

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NADCA Corporate Member




Zinc (Zn, Zink) die castings are best known for their excellent high quality finish characteristics and thus are used in the automotive, commercial, industrial, irrigation, lighting and kitchen and appliance industries. Zinc die cast alloy strength and chrome plateable features offer many advantages.

Zinc is the most fluid and easiest metal to die cast, it is very easily plated, has high ductility and high impact strength, is very economical for small parts and high volume requirements, and has a low melting point that promotes long die life.

There are many zinc die casting alloys to choose from to attain your product design features. High strength and excellent chrome plating capabilities makes zinc castings the ideal alternative to steel casting, sand casting, investment casting, gravity casting, machined castings, stamped castings or sheet metal parts.


Zinc Alloy Characteristics:

zinc casting Excellent high quality finish characteristics

zinc die casting Excellent thin wall capability

casting zinc Most fluid and easiest metal to die cast

zinc castings Easily plated with high quality finishes

zinc High ductility

zink High impact strength

zinc die cast parts Very economical for small parts and high volumes

zinc diecast Low melting point that promotes long die life

zinc die-cast 100% Recyclable and 0% Waste



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