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Since 1968, KenWalt Die Casting Company provides over 100 years of die casting knowledge and experience manufacturing high quality precision aluminum castings and zinc castings used every day in the USA and worldwide.

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Engineering Design automation Design to Finished Products High Quality Castings

Engineering Design
We offer complete engineering solutions from casting design to finished products. Using our specialized knowledge of the die casting process, we work directly with design engineers to ensure our customer's part designs are optimized for the die casting process so we can do what we do best, produce high quality zinc and aluminum castings.

Our automated production capabilities such as automatic sprayers, automatic ladlers and automated programmable controllers, help ensure we consistently, efficiently and effectively produce high quality precision aluminum castings and zinc castings with consistent surface finishes for our customers.

Design to Finished Products
We provide complete metal finishing from die cast design to finished products, including engineering design, tooling design, gating design, 3D flow analysis, vacuum casting, trimming, hand cleaning, drilling, tapping, machining, vibratory finishing, shot blasting, satin sanding, painting, powdercoating, E coating, anodizing, polishing, plating, coating, bar coding, assembly and packaging. We provide our customers with high quality castings made in the USA at competitive prices and on-time delivery.

High Quality Castings
We use our many years of knowledge and experience in die casting to produce high quality aluminum castings and zinc castings that meet the fit, form and function and on time delivery requirements of our customers. In addition, we offer Kan-Ban inventory to help our customers ensure on-time delivery to their customers.

What is Die Casting?

Aluminum Die Castings and Zinc Die Castings are metal parts primarily made of Aluminum and Zinc metals. Die castings are produced by injecting melted metal under high pressure into steel dies or molds that have part designs machined into them. The metal solidifies and parts removed from the die. The die casting process provides a wide variety of metal products with precision dimensions. One or more parts are made at a time and produced at cost-efficient high production rates so the cost of each die cast part is very low. Die castings can be as small and lightweight as a pencil eraser and 10 pounds or 36 inches x 26 inches and larger.


Die castings are used in a wide variety of industries such as: Agriculture, Aerospace, Automotive, Commercial Products, Construction Equipment, Communications, Die Cast Toys, Lighting Fixtures, Medical Products, Military Parts, Mining Equipment, Motorcycle Parts, Office Equipment, Railroad Braking Systems, Solar Systems and Wind Power Systems.


The Die Casting Process

The die casting process can be explained in a way that is relatively simple and easy to understand. A part is designed. The part design is machined into each half of what is called a steel die or mold. Each half of the die is installed and locked into place, opposite of each other, on a die cast machine. The two halves are then closed together and held closed very tight by the die cast machine.


Molten metal is picked up using a steel ladle, like a very large spoon. This is done by hand or with automatic machinery. The molten metal is poured into an opening at the top of a hollow steel tube. Also called a shot sleeve. The steel tube is connected to the die. The molten metal is then pushed into the two die halves on the machine. What pushes the molten metal is high pressure pumps that push hydraulic fluids that push a copper/berylium piston inside the tube.


The die cast machine holds the two die halves closed very tight because the hydraulic fluids push the piston with very high pressure. The molten metal then cools off quickly and becomes solid. The two halves of the die open and the part is removed from the machine. This is done by hand or with automatic machinery. Other actions are then done to remove the extra metal that is not part of the design of the part.


Aluminum and Zinc Die Cast Parts are produced rapidly, in large quantities, with high quality and low cost.


Advantages of Die Casting


Low Part Cost - Die cast parts are very low cost compared to other methods - Higher volumes equal lower costs

Vacuum-Assist Die Casting for Very High Integrity Castings - Virtually eliminate air or gas known as porosity

Excellent Repeatable Dimensional Accuracy

Eliminate or Reduce Costly Secondary Machining

Excellent Machinability

Excellent Finishing Properties

Long-Lasting Die Cast Tooling - Enhanced with regularly scheduled die maintenance and stress relieving

Smooth Casting Surfaces - Ideal for a wide variety of casting surface finishes

Thin-Wall Castings

Cast-In Holes, Threads, Slots and Grooves - Eliminate or reduce machining costs

Cast-In Bushings, Threaded Rods and Inserts

Excellent Tensile Strength

Excellent Pressure Tightness


Disadvantages of Die Casting


Tooling Cost - The main disadvantage of die casting compared to other casting processes is tooling cost. However, higher production volumes quickly eliminate this cost. Maximum customer profits then begin and continue indefinitely for the life of the tooling.

Tooling Stress Relief - Due to the high molten metal temperatures during the die casting process, occassional stress relief of tooling is recommended. From constant heating and cooling, the steel tooling hardens like a stretched rubber band and begins to crack and erode. Stress relieving helps revert the stretched steel back to it's origninal flexible condition and can help seal small cracks in the steel tooling. This stress relief process is also called Metal Stress Texturizing.

Porosity - Small amounts of air or gas, known as porosity, is inherent or naturally occurring in all die castings. The air or gas gets trapped inside a casting. KenWalt uses special vacuum-assist systems to virtually eliminate porosity. Since any small amount of air or gas inside expands, this prevents most attempts at heat treating or welding. However, KenWalt's unique Vacuum-Assist Die Casting Systems allow for The Highest Integrity Castings possible.



Die Casting Alloys
Aluminum A360
Aluminum A380
Aluminum A383
Aluminum A384
Aluminum A390
Aluminum A413 (A13)
Aluminum A518
Zinc 3, 5, 7
Zinc Aluminum ZA8
Zinc Aluminum ZA12
Zinc Aluminum ZA27

Casting Processes
Aluminum Casting
Aluminum Die Casting
Aluminium Casting
Aluminium Die Casting
Vacuum Casting
Vacuum Die Casting
Zinc Casting
Zinc Die Casting
Zink Casting
Zink Die Casting

Metal Finishing
Trimming/Hand Cleaning
Drilling, Tapping, Broaching
CNC machining
Satin Sand finishing
Shotblast finishing
Vibratory finishing
Electrostatic powder coating
Painting and Powdercoating
Polishing and Plating
Assembly & Packaging

ISO 9001 Certified Company
ISO 9001 Certified Company

itar registered die casting company
ITAR Registered Supplier

NADCA Corporate Member
NADCA Corporate Member

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Addison, Illinois Die Casting
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Anaheim, California Die Casting
Anchorage, Alaska Die Casting
Arlington, Texas Die Casting
Atlanta, Georgia Die Casting
Aurora, Colorado Die Casting
Austin, Texas Die Casting
Bakersfield, California Die Casting
Baltimore, Maryland Die Casting
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Birmingham, Alabama Die Casting
Boston, Massachusetts Die Casting
Buffalo, New York Die Casting
Burbank, California Die Casting
Chandler, Arizona Die Casting
Charlotte, North Carolina Die Casting
Chesapeake, Virginia Die Casting
Chicago, Illinois Die Casting
Chula Vista, California Die Casting
Cincinnati, Ohio Die Casting
Cleveland, Ohio Die Casting
Colorado Springs, Colorado Die Casting
Columbus, Ohio Die Casting
Corpus Christi, Texas Die Casting
Dallas, Texas Die Casting
Denver, Colorado Die Casting
Detroit, Michigan Die Casting
Durham, North Carolina Die Casting
El Paso, Texas Die Casting
Fort Wayne, Indiana Die Casting
Fort Worth, Texas Die Casting
Fremont, California Die Casting
Fresno, California Die Casting
Garland, Texas Die Casting

Glendale, Arizona Die Casting
Glendale, California Die Casting
Greensboro, North Carolina Die Casting
Henderson, Nevada Die Casting
Hialeah, Florida Die Casting
Honolulu, Hawaii Die Casting
Houston, Texas Die Casting
Indianapolis, Indiana Die Casting
Jacksonville, Florida Die Casting
Jersey City, New Jersey Die Casting
Kansas City, Kansas Die Casting
Kansas City, Missouri Die Casting
Laredo, Texas Die Casting
Las Vegas, Nevada Die Casting
Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky Die Casting
Lincoln, Nebraska Die Casting
Long Beach, California Die Casting
Los Angeles, California Die Casting
Louisville, Kentucky Die Casting
Lubbock, Texas Die Casting
Madison, Wisconsin Die Casting
Memphis, Tennessee Die Casting
Mesa, Arizona Die Casting
Miami, Florida Die Casting
Milwaukee, Wisconsin Die Casting
Minneapolis, Minnesota Die Casting
Modesto, California Die Casting
Nashville, Tennessee Die Casting
New Orleans, Louisiana Die Casting
New York, New York Die Casting
Newark, New Jersey Die Casting
Norfolk, Virginia Die Casting
Oakland, California Die Casting
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Die Casting
Omaha, Nebraska Die Casting
Orlando, Florida Die Casting
Paradise, Nevada Die Casting
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Die Casting
Phoenix, Arizona Die Casting
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Die Casting
Plano, Texas Die Casting
Portland, Oregon Die Casting
Raleigh, North Carolina Die Casting
Reno, Nevada Die Casting
Riverside, California Die Casting
Rochester, New York Die Casting
Sacramento, California Die Casting
Saint Louis, Missouri Die Casting
Saint Paul, Minnesota Die Casting
Saint Petersburg, Florida Die Casting
San Antonio, Texas Die Casting
San Bernardino, California Die Casting
San Diego, California Die Casting
San Francisco, California Die Casting
San Jose, California Die Casting
Santa Ana, California Die Casting
Scottsdale, Arizona Die Casting
Seattle, Washington Die Casting
Stockton, California Die Casting
Sun Valley, California Die Casting
Tampa, Florida Die Casting
Toledo, Ohio Die Casting
Tucson, Arizona Die Casting
Tulsa, Oklahoma Die Casting
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Wichita, Kansas Die Casting

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